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We Are A Professional Stretch Ceiling Manufacturer from China

Foxygen is a world-leading supplier of stretch ceiling materials, wall and floor decoration materials. FOXYGEN is a factory who focus on stretch ceiling materials production more than 10 years now .

With no MOQ, an experienced R&D team, complete production lines, and unequalled responsiveness , Foxygen is now the top-volume Chinese source of stretch ceiling materials and its accessories, With Foxygen means with best solutions for your ceilings and walls.
Stretch ceiling is made by polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), which is a modern suspended ceiling system concept that was invented in Europe as an interior decoration enhancement , It is becoming increasingly popular. More
Stretch Ceiling installation need to be installed the frames first . Then insert the stretch ceiling materials with PVC harpoon into the gap of installed frames, which can be fit into any shapes and meet any... More
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Foxygen is fully commiteed to optimal customer satisfaction by Via optimal customer of internal and external communication, fueling continuous improvement.
Our Vision is to be our industry's world-wide leader-and we're well on our way !
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