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Depth analysis of the plaster ceiling production line What are the advantages!
Dec 12, 2016

1. China has been in the allocation of 50 million square meters of production lines.

2. Light: Gypsum board for the wall, the weight of only a uniform thickness of the brick wall 1/15, block wall 1/10, is conducive to the layout of the earthquake, and can effectively eliminate the basic and layout of the main cost.

3. Thermal insulation: the gypsum board due to the small porous layout, the thermal conductivity of 0.16W / (M.K), and lime sand brick block (1.1W (M.K)) compared to its thermal insulation properties Significant advantage.

4. Fire performance: the gypsum core itself is not flammable, and in case of fire in the process of release of compound water will absorb a lot of heat, delay the ambient temperature rise, so the paper gypsum board has a good fire retardant properties. The middle of the national fire detection testing, paper plaster board wall fire resistance of up to 4 hours.

5. Sound insulation performance: paper plaster board partition with a unique cavity layout, greatly improving the system's sound insulation performance.

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