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Gypsum ceiling automatic production line led to the development of what industry became popular
Dec 12, 2016

Speaking of plaster ceiling automatic production line had to mention with you the paper gypsum board this very popular gypsum board, the paper green plaster board building materials, will be the future interior decoration of non-load-bearing wall of the important use of materials , Gypsum plaster board is based on the substrate, adding a small amount of additives and reinforcing fibers, and the board surface, the back of the bond layer of the surface layer of paper made.

Gypsum board was first invented in 1890 by the United States production, introduced to Europe in 1917, because of its light weight, thermal insulation, fire, noise, construction convenience, green and many other advantages, in the building to be rapidly applied, Growing, according to statistics, as early as 1997, the United States has reached annual production of 19 million square meters of gypsum board, about 80% of the application of plaster board wall materials

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