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Gypsum ceiling production line is reflected in the use of where
Dec 12, 2016

A, the plaster and water and a variety of additives added ingredients, respectively, from automatic measurement, automatic conveyor system into the mixer, mixing into a gypsum slurry, and spread evenly in the continuous forward movement of the paper

B, in the continuous advance at the same time through the vibration, the slurry gradually spread uniform cloth, followed by extrusion molding machine and the upper and lower face paper compound, by forming the upper and lower face was completely enveloped paper, and squeeze into Continuous sheet of gypsum board.

C, the board in the molding process through the process of shaping, natural solidification, automatic cutting, etc. have been gradually formed wet solid gypsum board, plaster ceiling production line by the program board control system, through the roller, belt conveyor and flap, fast Into the drying room.

D, the board in the drying room under the strict control of each temperature zone, and into the different temperature of the hot air, wet water evaporation, starch reaction will be board and the surface paper bonding, dry plaster board from the drying room stand out.

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