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Gypsum ceiling to go shape reasons
Dec 12, 2016

1, the quality of the substrate used is poor. In other words, gypsum ceiling manufacturers in the early use of gypsum board, but the quality, or the use of gypsum powder and the ratio of the quality of the problem.

2, the use of poor quality keel. Keel quality too poor, in the load-bearing process of deformation, resulting in the overall ceiling problems.

3, the environment is too humid. Although many ceilings, especially pvc veneer plaster ceiling moisture resistance is better, but after all, there is a limit. In some areas, because the air humidity is too large. The space between the ceiling and the roof is too closed, resulting in moisture can not be excluded. Over time, it is likely to condense into droplets falling to the ceiling. In the long immersion in water, the ceiling naturally inevitable deformation.

4, other man-made reasons. Such as poor installation, poor quality of the ceiling caused by poor quality.

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