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Installation Guidance
May 27, 2017

Stretch Ceiling  installation need to be installed the frames first . Then insert the stretch ceiling materials with PVC  harpoon into the gap of installed frames, which can be fit into any shapes and meet any designs.

Following is the basic process :

1.    Install the profile and wood frame(fix them by nails at interval of 20cm).

2.    Fix the four corners of film;

3.    Soften the edges of film by heater;

4.    Insert the harpoon with film into the profile;

5.    Flatten the uneven parts by heater;

6.    Done.









1.    pry up the harpoon to loosen it by fixer;

insert the fixer into the profile to take out the harpoon

2.    Insert a crochet into harpoon;

3.    Pull the harpoon out;

4.    Uninstall the harpoon;

5.    Reinstall the film by fixer.


       Foxygen factory provide installation videos and technology for helping our you on understanding .

       You are highly welcomed to visit our factory for installation training in any time .











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