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It is important to choose quality gypsum ceiling equipment rather than price
Dec 12, 2016

1, the purchase of ceiling machinery must have a purchase agreement. Do not believe in promises, the minimum requirements should be implemented on paper.

2, the current plaster ceiling machinery manufacturers are more orders must pay attention to whether manufacturers can provide their own product patents and other technical certificates.

3, many companies are imitating the ceiling of other manufacturers of machinery, so be sure to understand each other whether there are designers.

4, to understand the manufacturers have done the use of the ceiling machinery, whether the normal operation, production, quality standards.

5, remember that the quality of machinery is the most important, the price in the second.

6, more walk to see, shop around to make a reasonable judgments.

7, do not over-believe that manufacturers of the same industry competitors evaluation, seeing is believing.

8, to see the ceiling produced by the machinery, as well as his production of product quality.

9, not the people more power, do not listen to some lay friends to your proposal. Interlaced if the mountain, the layman's advice can only make you in the wrong way farther and farther.

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