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Plaster ceiling production line enterprises how to seek future development
Dec 12, 2016

1. Market segments under the vacancy market, has a larger market prospects, and there is a great reality and consumer stability;

2. In this market segment, although similar products but no leading brand, that is, brand vacancy, it can greatly reduce the cost of access, in order to obtain market share quickly possible and convenient;

3. Technical content should be high, compared with similar products with obvious technical superiority.

The purpose is the consumer group, the purchase group is explicit, is easier the marketing operation.

Product innovation, advanced technology and consumer market positioning at the same time, also reduces the integrated ceiling and other ceiling comparison prices. Integration of the ceiling into the market, many dealers with experience intuition that it is a good product, listed only after the initial terminal publicity began to generate inquiries, the purchase situation, which illustrates the options and positioning well, marketing promotion Will be much easier.

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