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The working principle of gypsum production line
Dec 12, 2016

Perhaps many people still do not know the working principle of gypsum production line now, Tai'an Da Ling gypsum machinery professional for everyone to resolve: gypsum production line works.

Modified starch, retarder, paper pulp, water reducing agent, water is quantitatively measured and put into a hydraulic pulper and stirred into a raw material slurry, which is then pumped into a slurry reserve tank for use;

Foaming agent and water into the foaming agent according to the proportion of preparation cans evenly, pumped into the foam agent reserve tank (with heating device to keep more than 35 ℃) reserve;

Accelerator and gypsum powder raw materials into the hopper through the upgrading of transport equipment reserve;


The slurry in the slurry storage tank is pumped into the mixer using the metering pump. After the foaming agent uses the dynamic foaming device to enter the mixer, the coagulant and the gypsum powder will be measured by automatic metering belt, then enter into the mixer. The admixture was mixed in a blender to form a qualified gypsum slurry.

Note: The addition of all the main materials are included in the automatic control system, with the line speed of different automatic adjustment to meet the large-scale, high-speed requirements

The above is Tai'an Da Ling gypsum machinery professional for everyone to analyze: gypsum production line works. We hope to help.

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