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Tips for choosing a plaster ceiling production line
Dec 12, 2016

1, to see if the manufacturers have done the normal operation of the machine to produce whether the quality of the veneer ceiling clearance. Ask its price, you can use it as a reference.

2, as an important component, laminating machine and automatic saw determines the quality of the products produced. Other aspects can also be on, but the two machines can not have any ambiguity. If the ignorant of the lower prices, you will get two semi-finished products.

3, the ceiling machine made of steel, so the production of materials is also more important. Poor material can also make the machine, but the basis of bad production of the machine how can the quality of clearance. On the one hand is the short life, on the other hand is a direct impact on product quality. In the order if the material can be made clear, at least manufacturers will not cut corners.

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