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What is the Stretch ceiling ?
May 27, 2017

Stretch ceiling is made by polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ), which is a modern suspended ceiling system concept that was invented in Europe as an interior  decoration enhancement , It is becoming increasingly popular.


This type of system consists two basic parts , which is called frames ( profiles ) and stretched ceiling membranes (PVC Foil ) .


 201705271032505499736.png 201705271032562251549.png



Its installation need to be installed the frames first . Then insert the stretch ceiling materials with PVC  harpoon into the gap of installed frames, which can be fit into any shapes and meet any designs.


The perimeter frames that hold the stretch ceiling membrane can be created in a variety of shapes like rectangular, oval , flat , curved , or three dimensional .



   201705271034592473412.png   201705271035049099225.png






Membranes can be translucent or opaque and they can also be layered or incorporate decorative lighting elements. Often a printed image is applied to the material , decorative wall panel , or 3D structure. It can create the extraordinary impression of view .


This materials is widely used by decorators , interior designers,  construction contractors, architects, which is rapidly applied to anywhere . Such as :

Renovation, reconstruction , new buildings

Houses , apartments,

Service sector like hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, store construction, Exhibition halls, trade shows .

from residential dwellings to large sports or entertainment venues and public malls.

Damp or caloric rooms like bathrooms and swimming pools



These types of model stretch ceiling design concept are environmentally friendly , moisture resistant, sound and energy saving, non-allergenic , non-flammable , waterproof , durable , dust free , and easy to clean and maintain.



Stretch ceilings also provide energy-saving benefits by forming thin layer of thermal isolation over the structural elements of the house, thereby reducing heating and cooling needs. Such contemporary technology will also improve the air quality in a room by containing the emission of dust and bacteria that accumulates over the years from drywall, a feature that has placed stretched ceilings in high demand for medical facilities. Another benefit that comes with this material is that it improves the acoustics of a room, office, concert hall, or even industrial facility.


Stretch ceilings are more and more popular to improve interior design systems and to offer conceptually new finishing products for a variety of applications within existing and new-build projects.


Stretch ceilings can be used to improve and beautify any environment, large or small. Whether you wish to bedeck your home, create a top-notch professional look for the office, or create a special atmosphere within your environment, stretch ceiling is the solution. The exciting part of having a piece of this innovative technology at your home or in the workplace is that your friends, guests, or business partners will never forget being there. Our product can be used as an addition to, or substitute for drywall or dropped ceiling tiles. For a new construction project, it eliminates the need for a tedious and labor-intensive drywall installation. It makes the process faster, and easier, cleaner, and the result is one you’ll be sure to love.



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