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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ceiling Designs
Sep 19, 2017

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ceiling Designs
Different from the previous kitchen and toilet Ceiling Designs on the installation of Yuba or ventilation fans or lights after the effect, Ceiling Designs installed after the show is no longer a blunt combination, but the beautiful coordination of the top shape.
Independent heating lights, independent lights, independent ventilation fans, can be a reasonable arrangement of the installation location, to overcome the embarrassment of the installation location of the traditional Yuba, heating lights can be installed in the shower area directly above the lights installed in the middle of the room or the sink , The ventilation fan is installed above the toilet, so that each function can be placed in the most needed space position.
Traditional Yuba products will be a lot of features rigidly combined into one, and the use of the bottom shell wrapped in the form. This is in use, because the power is very high, the machine temperature will rise, thereby reducing the life of components. The Ceiling Designs after the split of the functional modules, the use of open split installation and installation, so that the life of electrical components to enhance more than 3 times.
Ceiling Designs every detail is carefully designed, professional installation and complete, the line layout is also a rigorous design test, very user-friendly. And then the function of Ceiling Designs is independent, according to the actual needs to install the warm light position and quantity, heating range, and uniform, three carbon fiber warm light can reach the effect of Yuba four warm lights, green Energy saving.
Ceiling Designs wholesale manufacturers said, however, due to Ceiling Designs industry a few years ago the huge profits, so many people jealous, so are involved. The results can be imagined, all kinds of products uneven, disrupt the market. On the market, there are about 300 brands, but the real strength, there are no more than 50 brands. Most of the brand will be in a very short period of time after the disappearance of them, they just come to the market stroll, and then take the yuan, leaving the market helpless curse.
   In recent years, the domestic whole house integrated brand of fresh bamboo shoots endless, the major brands of advertising also let us know, Ceiling Designs this industry has become increasingly hot, and some friends on the whole house integration package is not enough, but also worried about, This time let Ceiling Designs Xiaobian to answer for you, why do we want to choose Ceiling Designs
    1. safe and worrying
    Ceiling Designs are designed to meet the professional installation of professional, such as Tuscany Ceiling Designs line layout, ventilation, heating effect has also been rigorously designed to test, compared to the traditional Ceiling Designs too casual no security At all.
    2. Convenient structure
    Ceiling Designs is the traditional Ceiling Designs split a number of functions, and then through the free choice of consumers combined into a new system, the heating, ventilation, lighting, audio and other modules freely in the kitchen and other dedicated Ceiling Designs, and can Free to move again.
    3. beautiful and delicate
    Different from the previous kitchen Ceiling Designs on the installation of Yuba or ventilation fans or lights after the effect of Tuscany Ceiling Designs after the installation is no longer see the blunt combination, is no longer a simple, rough patchwork, and Is fully integrated with the integration of fashion aesthetic space.
    4. Full functionality
    Ceiling Designs biggest advantage is the heating function, ventilation, lighting, audio and other functions have been the best, the strongest play, service, one step in the service, the maintenance more convenient, fast, psychological, To meet people's pursuit of beauty, fashion, personalized needs, more humane design portfolio.
    5. Cost-effective
    In general, Ceiling Designs are priced higher than traditional Ceiling Designs. Traditional Ceiling Designs are made of plastic and are prone to aging, with a life span of 10 years, while Tuscan Ceiling Designs is made of high quality aluminum. Up to 50 years.
    6. save time and time
    Ceiling Designs Space and style selectivity. Ceiling Designs manufacturers are light heat, to avoid the head of hot feet cool; extended intake, to avoid the invalid idling; face ventilation, to avoid the impact of high temperature and light corner; plate Smart combination, one design, to avoid the consumption of supplies The

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