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Bedroom Stretch Ceiling With The Popular Trend
Jun 21, 2017

Bedroom Stretch Ceiling with the popular trend
    Aluminum honeycomb perforated sound absorbing panels

    Its structure is perforated panel and perforated backplane, relying on high-quality adhesive and aluminum honeycomb core directly into the aluminum honeycomb sandwich structure, honeycomb core and the panel and the back plate between a layer of sound-absorbing cloth. Since the honeycomb core in the honeycomb aluminum plate is separated into a plurality of enclosed chambers, the air flow is prevented from hindering the sound waves and the sound absorption coefficient (up to 0.9 or more) is increased, and the strength of the sheet itself is increased so that the size of the single sheet To do more, to further increase the degree of freedom of design. Can be designed according to the indoor acoustics, different perforation rate design, in a certain range of control structure of the sound absorption coefficient, both to achieve the design results, but also to reasonably control the cost. Through the control of perforated aperture, hole distance, and according to customer requirements to change the punching rate, the maximum perforation rate <30%, aperture generally used ∮2.0, ∮ 2.5, ∮ 3.0 and other specifications, backplane perforation requirements and the same panel, High-quality non-woven materials such as sound-absorbing material. Suitable for subway, theaters, radio stations, television stations, textile mills and noise-prone factories and large-scale public buildings such as gymnasium sound-absorbing wall panels, ceiling ceiling panels.
    1. Large board, high flatness
    2. Plate high strength, light weight
    3. Sound absorption effect is good, fire, waterproof
    4. Installation is simple, each board can be individually disassembled, replaced
    5. In size, shape, surface treatment and color, etc. can be customized according to customer needs to meet customer needs
    Alien slender aluminum slabs
    Home decoration has mostly no longer use this material, mainly dirty and easy to deformation.
    Square paint lacquered plate ceiling
    In the kitchen, toilet and other places easy to use dirty. Is the current mainstream products.
Stretched ceiling 90 years into China, manufacturers are concentrated in the coastal area, mainly in the river, Zhejiang, Guangdong provinces. The basic composition of the township (private) business model, due to financial problems, the general use of general equipment, soil law launched, so in the domestic market is not really ringing the brand. There are three reasons: 1, do not have enough financial strength to buy complete sets of advanced production line equipment. 2, not their own development of new products, technical strength. 3, management backward. As a result, resulting in small-scale enterprises, backward technology and equipment, low production efficiency. Received orders can only rely on labor, overtime, the traditional small workshop-style production. Compared with the foreign-funded enterprises, the quality and supply cycle, product specifications and other aspects of the obvious at a disadvantage.

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