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Brief Discussion Of The Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires Cleaning And Maintenance
Jul 17, 2017

Brief discussion of the Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires cleaning and maintenance

Metope material tensile ceiling and the cleaning and the maintenance of the finished panel installation accessories is key, as long as the production equipment have no matter to do, to produce a better do the ceiling, bring greater profits, just by telling everyone metope material stretching the ceiling and the cleaning and the maintenance of the finished panel installation accessories:

Step 1: dust the gypsum ceiling regularly and determine the dust removal frequency according to the living environment.

Step 2: polish the plaster ceiling every two or three years, or ask an expert to polish it. When you realize that the plaster ceiling has begun to fade, it will be necessary to polish it again.

Step 3: repair the deep scrapes on the plaster ceiling and ask the experts to repair it. The serene tan, with the coating plaster ceiling difference, decorative plaster ceiling can not be ruled out, because its appearance has no coating, and the texture is very deep. If the gypsum ceiling is dirty, the step is to use the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment for vigilant cleaning.

The above is to tell everybody the metope material to stretch the ceiling finished product panel to install the attachment to clean and the maintenance, hope to be helpful to everyone.

Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Install production energy consumption is low, the production efficiency is high: the energy consumption of the paper plasterboard that produces a unit is 78% than the cement. And the investment is less productive, it is convenient for large-scale production, the foreign ocean already has annual production capacity can reach 40 million square meters of production line.

1. There are already 50 million square meters of production line in China.

2. Light quality: Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Install the wall of plasterboard is used as the wall, the weight is only 1/15 of the brick wall, 1/10 of the masonry wall, which is conducive to the seismic design of the layout, and can effectively eliminate the cost of basic and layout.

3. The heat preservation and heat insulation: Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Install due to the small porous layout plasterboard, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.16 W/(M.K), and lime-sand brick block (1.1 W (M.K)), compared the heat insulation performance has a significant advantage.

4. Good fireproof performance: Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Install as the gypsum core itself does not burn, and in the process of the release of bound water in case of fire will derive a lot of heat, delay the surroundings temperature increases, so the gypsum board has good fire retardant performance. Through national fire detection intermediate detection, the wall plaster partition fire resistance limit can reach 4 hours.

5. Sound insulation performance: the wall of plasterboard has a peculiar cavity layout, which greatly improves the sound insulation performance of the system.

6. The decorative results are good: the plasterboard of the paper is smooth, and the punishment for the treatment of the joint between the board and the plate forms a seamless appearance, and the appearance can be directly decorated.

7. Good constructability: simply adjust the knife can be optional for gypsum board for cutting, gypsum ceiling automatic production line construction is very convenient, use it to do adornment, can perfect the traditional wet operation, greatly improve the efficiency of construction.

What are the use of Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires? The unusual product is actually in the life we didn't notice, so we will explain it in detail today

A, add plaster and water as well as a variety of ingredients, respectively by the automatic measurement, automatic conveying system into a blender, mix into the gypsum slurry, and protective paper on continuous moving forward

B, at the same time of continuous progress through vibration, spreading a uniform paste, then enter the extrusion molding machine with the protective paper composite, up and down through the paste extrusion completely enveloped by upper and lower protective paper, and squeezed into a continuous slurry form paper face plasterboard.

C, the plate in the process of molding line running through the plastic, natural coagulation, automatic cut off has been gradually formed a wet solid gypsum board, such as metope material tensile finished ceiling panel installation accessories wet plate by the SPC system arrangement, by roller, belt conveyor and the flap, fast into the drying chamber.

D, plate in each temperature area under strict control, drying room and into the different temperature of hot air, wet plate water evaporation, starch reaction plate and protective paper glue, drying of gypsum board from the drying room to stand out.

E, then flip the board and slice (in the face), and cut the plate into the finished plate of a certain size.

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