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Ceiling Designs Color Selection With Know-how
Aug 08, 2017

Ceiling Designs color selection with know-how
Many people in the choice of Ceiling Designs, will be repeated in a problem tangled, the problem is that the design of the ceiling color. Some people like goose yellow, some people like white, some people like brown, and even like several colors, people often in several colors between the flag flag, or do not know which color will be more with the overall style of home improvement Tune. Here Xiaobian given a proposal is, please home improvement to see if they want to choose the color is dark or light, if it is dark, it should be carefully chosen, the industry's sales results show that light Dark selling a lot. Why are light-colored ceilings designed more popular?
Floor color limited dark ceiling
Chinese people pay attention to harmonious relationship between heaven and man, although only a small room, but also in line with the traditional concept. The ancients said the gas up, turned into the sky, Ceiling Designs the gas down, turned into loess thick. Smallpox and the floor, is the nature of the relationship between heaven and earth in miniature, the floor is naturally suitable for dark lines, the ceiling natural to light-colored system is better, if the ceiling selection of dark, and even darker than the floor color, it will cause heavy Bogey, and with the dark, but also easily lead to depressed visual effects, do not meet the concept of yin and yang coordination. In contrast, dark flooring with light-colored ceiling is the most harmonious choice.
Ceiling Designs Dark on the room lighting requirements are too high
Many people on the Internet to see a very beautiful home improvement photos, Ceiling Designs then copied to their own home, the results are not satisfactory. One of the reasons is that because of the different lighting, light and shade for the sense of space and design sense to create a near-decisive role, each family have to adapt to local conditions. According to the principle of color, dark for the light absorption rate is much higher than the light, lighting is very good room, select the range is relatively loose, you can try dark ceiling, but not too deep; and the lower floor, lighting Inadequate room will have to pay attention to choose a higher brightness, color suitable for smallpox, as far as possible to avoid the use of darker colors.
Light and easy to match the color of the wall
Now a lot of people will brush the wall into a more beautiful color, light-colored Ceiling Designs with its color, less likely to be overwhelming, and even produce color chaos feeling. According to the sales results, white is the most popular color in the Ceiling Designs. Because in general, white can be described as wild color, the most error-prone, although the dark sometimes can achieve very good results, but ordinary people are usually difficult to do, only professional designers can.
Light is more conducive to family cleaning and pleasure
The ultimate goal of home improvement is certainly to become more livable, to create a more people feel comfortable environment, and according to the study of color psychology, relative to the dark, light color is more likely to make people feel relaxed, in this At a glance, the darkness is naturally inferior to light-colored. Another point, some consumers choose dark ceiling, is to worry about dirt, because the ceiling is not easy to clean, and light easily dirty. But people often commit a misunderstanding of thinking, the traditional ceiling is not easy to clean, but the Ceiling Designs may be a lot easier, so you love clean and beautiful house owners can not choose for this dark, on the contrary, light The dirt on the ceiling looks more obvious, but more easily found and cleaned.
So you consumers, in the choice of Ceiling Designs, or try to choose light, if you have to choose dark, but also must consult the views of professional designers, after all, once the decoration decoration, is a few decades, if not satisfied , Then it is a lot of time and money into the investment.

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