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Ceiling Designs Decoration Four Should Three Bogey, To Decorate Friends To See!
Nov 01, 2017

Ceiling Designs decoration four should three bogey, to decorate friends to see!
Ceiling Designs within a house to mark the "days", how to deal with this piece of home in the international days, bring good luck to the owner, it is particularly important. Ceiling Designs decoration of the four should be bogey, that is, when the decoration must be considered feng shui doubt.
Four should be
One should: living room Ceiling Designs chandelier should use round
The room must give people a sense of bright, so the living room lights to be enough, bleak will affect the development of operations. Living room Ceiling Designs of the lamp selection is very important, the best is a circular chandelier or ceiling lamp, because the round has a satisfactory meaning.
Eryi: smallpox should have Tianchi
Modern shelters are all over the height of 2.8 meters, if the living room roof and then use the appearance of smallpox to decorate, it will be too low because of the roof pressure and people have a strong sense of oppression. In this case, it is possible to use a four-sided low ceiling with a high center. In this way, it is not only visually comfortable, but also the "Tianchi" of the ceiling of the Ceiling Designs center, which is of great benefit to the residence. If the water in the "Tianchi" center hanging a magnificent crystal lamp, there will be superfluous effect, but not in the Ceiling Designs mirror. In addition, the chandelier should not have a sharp shape.
Three should be: the design of the ceiling to light, bright is appropriate
Ceiling Designs of the color to light, bright is appropriate, clear days to cloud, so the color of smallpox should also fit this theory. If you can contact the title of a family to select the appropriate color, but also contribute to the fortune of the main home.
Four should: dim the living room should be equipped with fluorescent lamps
Some lack of sunshine in the living room, indoors unknown, long time during which simple mood low. This situation is best in the Ceiling Designs of the four sides of the wood groove to hide the fluorescent light to fill light, so the light from the Ceiling Designs refraction, soft and not garish. The fluorescent light is the closest to the sun, the most suitable for the lack of natural light living room.
Three bogey
A bogey: living room Ceiling Designs avoid a beam
Beam pressure is the home environment design taboo, the ancients thought "beam pressure top unlucky." As the beams have "depressed" radiant energy, simply to the people under the beam to form a mental stress, the fate of sluggish. If there are beams above the living room, it is necessary to use the ceiling or decorated with auspicious ornaments decorated, so you can eliminate the sense of oppression, adhere to the physical and mental health of residents.
Two bogey: Ceiling Designs hanged with dark
Living room with Ceiling Designs sign days, floor sign. Ceiling Designs of the color should be shallow, the color of the floor should be deep, in order to fit the "days of light weight" of justice, so in the visual will not have a top-heavy or pressure top of the sense. In addition, it is best not to decorate with large area mirror.
Three bogey: the living room level is too low to avoid the ceiling
The floor is too low, meaning a lack of 2.6 meters from the ground to the Ceiling Designs. So that the height is not suitable for the ceiling, if the ceiling will inevitably feel depressed, affecting the flow of the residents and the discomfort of the feelings, and thus affect the daily life and mood. Ceiling Designs is not properly decorated, the main fortune is blocked.

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