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Choose The Ceiling Designs Of The Accessories Need To Pay Attention To What Aspects
Aug 16, 2017

Choose the Ceiling Designs of the accessories need to pay attention to what aspects
In the installation of the Ceiling Designs process requires a lot of accessories, although these accessories look very small, but in the installation and use of the Ceiling Designs process plays an important role in the choice of Ceiling Designs, how should we choose to pay attention to what aspects ? Ceiling Designs of the following manufacturers Xiaobian for everyone to talk about in detail.
1. Trimming, the best choice of relatively thick, straight, hard roller anti-oil stains. Because the good trimming finish after no sewing, and a little bit of trimming after the end will often appear sagging gap, when the electrical open when the vibration caused by the buckle and the hand between the impact of noise. Currently on the market most of the film edge, poor quality, not environmentally friendly.
2. keel, the need for brand matching paint triangular keel, you can rust.
It is advisable to install a Ceiling Designs board and set it up early. Because the early set of electrical modules, you can know that you need several sets of switch control lines, (such as the kitchen has two lighting a ventilation need 4 lines, three switch control line a zero line) after the equipment is in you, paved tiles , Installed hood, water heaters, as well as cooler rods we can open the hole in the aluminum plate and edge.
In the process of decoration of the ceiling, especially kitchen and toilet space we need to use a lot of electrical appliances. Then we choose the ceiling when the design of electrical appliances how to use a reasonable match, the following Ceiling Designs manufacturers wholesale small belt together to understand the relevant knowledge,
     In the Ceiling Designs of electrical appliances, the common electrical modules include lighting modules, ventilation and air conditioning module, light heating module, air-warm modules and carbon fiber and so on. We can choose the use of the process can be based on their own needs, so that designers help us to design. As the electrical appliances are mainly used in the kitchen and bathroom, due to more oil, and more humid, so the safety requirements of electrical appliances particularly high. Select the electrical appliances should be concerned about whether the electrical surface is charged, whether the water will be electric, electrical design which protection, lighting, whether the explosion-proof lights. The electrical box is an electrical enclosure that protects the various functional devices inside the appliance from shielding. The design of the box is directly related to the installation of the entire electrical effect, the key is to choose light, ultra-thin to save space.
     Ceiling Designs manufacturers wholesale Xiaobian tell you now a lot of large ceiling products are OEM production. As the product price is relatively low in order to compress their costs, many electrical materials are derived from low-grade manufacturers, and therefore often can not adapt to the wet bathroom environment, its safety, heating effect, life is worrying. I hope you do not buy such a product.
Now the Ceiling Designs is not just the kitchen and bathroom decoration, in fact, sometimes the bedroom can also use the Ceiling Designs decoration. Now the production of the Ceiling Designs of the market is not only simple to install, flexible layout, and gradually become the mainstream of the design of the ceiling decoration, then if we install the ceiling in the bedroom design, need to pay attention to what aspects, the following Ceiling Designs manufacturer's small Let's talk about how to decorate the bedroom Ceiling Designs?
1, the first need to prepare the bedroom Ceiling Designs needs of the materials and tools, and also need to bedroom Ceiling Designs and the actual size of the design is not meet the requirements.
2, the need to install the grassroots for processing, the specific construction method is to look at the roof of the roof, if the construction quality does not meet the requirements, should take timely remedial measures.
3, the ball line positioning processing, which is the Ceiling Designs and installation process in the process of a very important step, the specific construction method is the elevation line available water column method marked ceiling position, and then by the location of the pop-up line; keel According to the size of the decorative panels and keel grid layout to determine. In order to facilitate the installation of two keel, the center line spacing size is generally greater than the trim panel size 2MM or so. Keel grid layout need to ensure that the keel grid uniformity and integrity, to ensure that the ceiling has a regular decorative effect. First in proportion to draw the ceiling area on paper, and then according to the principle of keel layout on the paper on the ceiling keel for grid arrangement. To determine the location of the arrangements, and then positioning the location on the wall.

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