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Do You Know How To Buy Plaster Ceiling It?
Dec 12, 2016

1.By the brightness and level. Ceiling than the wall by the light less, choose the color than the wall shallow 1 expansion effect. The ceiling is low in light color, and the ceiling can be of the same color as the wall, subject to the principle of "not bright".

2. Consider the space and atmosphere. Pure white for security, however, want to create an atmosphere, for example, want to make the home of the restaurant mysterious, even in the sense of "grottoes", you can use dark lines, such as deep purple, black color. At the same time, depending on the color of the floor and the wall and the material may be, should not be too heavy, easy to produce a feeling of oppression.

3. Do not be deeper than the floor. It is generally recommended that the ceiling of the house should not be darker than the floor, especially if the ceiling is not high and light is preferred. Light and light, resulting in a high ceiling feeling. "The color of the brightness to low, high brightness anti-oppression, decoration company designers are advised to choose to join a large number of white (white, light blue), gray or close to white color.

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