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Gypsum Ceiling Production Equipment
Dec 12, 2016

The utility model relates to the field of automation technology, in particular to the field of automatic gypsum ceiling production line. The automatic gypsum ceiling production line comprises a weighing dosing unit, a vacuum clamping unit, a waiting reaction unit and a demolding unit; wherein the weighing dosing unit comprises an electronic weighing metering unit, a physical metering dosing subunit and a rotating pulping unit; Vacuum mold clamping unit includes flat plate, vacuum pressure balance plate, vacuum box, upper soft mold, lower soft mold, vacuum box sealing strip, sealing strip and upper soft middle pressing plate; waiting for reaction unit including conveyor belt and price rack; The unit comprises a sucking device and a take-die. The utility model can effectively reduce the manpower cost, improve the product qualified rate, and can reduce the floor space.

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