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How Does The Stretch Ceiling Be Installed After The Installation Is Complete?
Aug 16, 2017

How does the Stretch Ceiling be installed after the installation is complete?
Now with the popularity of stretching the ceiling, the use of stretching the ceiling to our lives has brought great convenience and fast. After the installation of the Stretch Ceiling is complete. Acceptance of stretch ceilings is a very important job. This is directly related to our future use of the results, the following ceiling manufacturers wholesale small series with you in the end should be how to carry out the acceptance of the ceiling
   1, check whether the ceiling installation specifications
In order to ensure the final use of the effect of stretching the ceiling, after the installation is complete, the first installation of the process to be checked to ensure that = meet the relevant national standards and regulations. Such as the existence of the impact of the panel on the appearance of the bubble, from the skin and missing angle and other defects; whether the structure of the wooden skeleton with fire resistance, and whether the stability of the ceiling ceiling installation, with or without loosening, etc., each have to Their own checks, in order to ensure the installation of the normative.
  2, check the smoothness of the angle
The second step is to check the flatness of each diagonal installation of the Stretch Ceiling. There are two kinds of inspection methods, one is the naked eye observation, mainly to see the surface of the ceiling with or without uneven situation, qualified ceiling surface is very flat. Many people will ignore the corner of the inspection, like 90 ° angle of the place is to pay attention to observe the existence of gaps and twisted phenomenon. The second method is to use measurement tools, such as ruler, etc., some can not be observed with the naked eye, need to use tools to carry out.
   3, check the strength of the screw
   This is an important part of the tensile ceiling acceptance criteria. In the acceptance, you can randomly take a few buckle from the above, check the distance between the screw, there is no to meet the installation standards. And then you can pull the hand to determine whether the existence of loose or broken screw situation. If not there that stretch the installation of the ceiling is relatively high quality.
   4, electrical inspection
    Stretch Ceiling is a ceiling and electrical appliances, including the two modules, so the installation and use of electrical appliances is also the inspection to check the part. First of all to check whether the normal work of electrical appliances, installation is stable, will not fall off and so on, you can push by hand to determine the stability of electrical appliances. In addition you can open the electrical, listen to noise and other discordant sound appears. If there is no problem in all respects, then the installation of the Stretch Ceiling is acceptable.
   Everyone in the installation of the ceiling when the acceptance must be carefully carefully, to avoid the use of Stretch Ceiling in the future when the problem, Stretch Ceiling so as not to affect the future use.
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