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Integrated Trap Inside The Ceiling!
Dec 12, 2016

Cottage ceiling problems run faster. Many on the market, "cottage" integrated ceiling just to inform, if the product has a problem, home repair, warranty card to be able to produce after purchase. If the product is really a problem, some simply shut the door slip. Can not find the dealer, can not find the manufacturer. Integrated ceiling through the "cottage" of the pain can be said that the integration of the brand is experiencing the pain of the ceiling, "cottage" brand has been deeply hurt the nerves of the industry. There is a considerable part of the integrated ceiling manufacturers do not pay attention to its own brand building, do not pay attention to trademark registration, the brand name can not be registered as a legitimate trademark of the enterprise everywhere. What is more, many manufacturers for the sake of temporary interest, even near the big, imitation of international famous brands, embarked on the road of illegal. There are a number of corporate brand names like foreign non-foreign, play with gimmicks, even their own do not know what the connotation of the brand, not to mention the majority of target consumers to impress. Perhaps sometimes dealers do not know the product would be so poor, when a major problem when the manufacturer ran, and he is crying nowhere.

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