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Routine Maintenance Method Of Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines
Jun 13, 2017

Routine maintenance method of Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines
Stretching ceiling equipment manufacturing machine is a high-precision detection equipment, daily maintenance to ensure the normal operation of equipment and measurement accuracy is of great significance. The daily maintenance method of the Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines is mainly based on the control system, main engine and oil source maintenance:
First, the control system maintenance:
1, regularly check the controller panel connection cable is good, if loose, should be tightened in time;
2, if the test after a long period of time without the machine, turn off the controller and computer;
3, the interface on the controller for the one-to-one correspondence, plug the wrong interface may cause damage to the device;
4, plug the controller interface must turn off the controller power supply.
Second, the host maintenance:
1, the machine with the fixture should be coated with anti-rust oil storage;
2, because the hydraulic universal testing machine jaws often used, easy to wear, too much oxide, it is easy to lead to small piston damage oil spill, so the jaws should always clean and keep clean (preferably every time after the test done sweep );
3, the steel plate and the liner in contact with the sliding surface, the dovetail groove on the liner should be kept clean, regularly coated with a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide) grease;
4, regularly check the jaw parts of the screws, such as found loose, timely tightening;
5, regularly check the sprocket transmission, if found to be loose, please re-tension the tension wheel;
Third, the maintenance of oil sources:
1, regularly check the host and the source of oil at the place, if found to have oil spill, should be replaced in time sealing ring or combination pad;
2, according to the use of the machine and the use of oil, regularly replace the oil filter and filter, replace the hydraulic oil.
3, do not do a long test, pay attention to turn off the host power. If the machine is in standby mode, the changeover switch should be "loaded" because if the switch is in the "rewind" position, the solenoid valve is energized and will affect the service life of the device.
Many customers bought a Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines, the failure did not know how to repair, Jinan Meters now for you to simply explain the next drawing ceiling equipment manufacturing machine common faults and maintenance methods.
Stretch ceilings equipment manufacturing machine in the event of failure, the user should not worry, first of all according to the manufacturer's manual inside the Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines common fault and maintenance method guide to the device for simple processing. Common faults are mainly test force values are not allowed, test force shows overload, the software is not working properly (for computer control); if not directly contact manufacturers, manufacturers will provide some technical support services, the specific circumstances of the company After-sales service shall prevail.

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