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Stretch Ceiling Advantage
Jul 27, 2017

Stretch Ceiling advantage
In recent years, the new polymer decorative plate GRP / stretch ceiling by the market's favor and praise, its unique molecular characteristics to make it have many unique advantages, such as: waterproof, fire, high temperature, low temperature, non-toxic, no Harmful, no formaldehyde, no harmful substances, antibacterial, mildew, anti-corrosion, indoor life in more than 50 years and other advantages. It is widely used in high-speed rail, aviation, ship, yacht, automobile and other high-end areas of the interior parts and ceiling, to commemorate also widely used in civilian advertising brand, office hospital tooling ceiling, TV backdrop, hotel, hotel, bath wall And other fields, praised by the international market. But more and more businesses in order to seek more benefits and produce low-end products in the market quite a mixed bag, the use of consumer awareness of the product low vulnerability to consumers. The same is the production of one of the composite materials Co., Ltd. production of stretch ceiling (GRP) ceiling products excellent quality, brand reputation is also very good.

Advantages 1, Composites Co., Ltd. is committed to the production of R & D (GRP) composite materials research and development has a history of 15 years, the first engaged in Stretch Ceiling water tanks, Stretch Ceiling auto parts, Stretch Ceiling sports products, Ceiling composite materials research and development of the first person, China stretched ceiling industry godfather - Huang Jiakang to my company to guide the work of my company to make in-depth praise, he said: spirit, model in the stretch ceiling industry is unique, is groundbreaking Of all enterprises in the industry deserve to learn, respect and promote. From the production of raw materials → semi-finished products molded → finished product processing → packaging logistics → after-sales service and other links are all independent production, to ensure that products in all aspects of quality as one in the industry can be the lowest cost, cost-effective. So the strength of the field of raw materials in the industry's reputation, are real, so that every dealer and customers can rest assured.

Advantage of two, Stretch Ceiling with an annual output of 20,000 tons of raw material production line, a large hydraulic square, 15 years of mold, molded production experience, professional production team, to ensure the fastest, most professional and most efficient delivery of goods to customers The Time is money, the future economic model is fast fish eat slow fish era, only fast not broken. Worthy of your entrustment.

Advantages of three, Stretch Ceiling with a professional design R & D team, from the product design perfect, cost control accounting, mold development of rational recommendations, mechanical and streamlined to the mold removal of the data accounting, the nature of raw materials to die the perfect combination of production Give customers accurate analysis, so that customers in the cost savings at the same time, but also to ensure the success rate of project cooperation and effectiveness, but also improve the product cost.

(GRP) decorative plate of the in-depth study, to industry innovation, sustainable development as its mission, the goal is to build China's stretched ceiling (GRP) decorative plate research and development, production base, serving the community from all walks of life The So to undertake all kinds of OEM, ODM and processing production; Chengzhao dealers at all levels, agents; looking for electricity, Stretch Ceiling industry projects and other areas of partners. To develop into a real version of the "cloud" platform for all the aspiring young people to use.

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