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Stretch The Future Direction Of The Stretch Ceiling
Jun 13, 2017

Stretch the future direction of the Stretch Ceiling
 With the development of society, people to stretch the Stretch Ceiling requirements and demand continues to improve, the future stretch of the Stretch Ceiling to the green, energy saving, life, practicality, the needs of owners and other aspects of all-round consideration.

First, the consideration of the green Stretch Ceiling of the stretched Stretch Ceiling

Stretched Stretch Ceiling is a green new building materials, can be 100% recycling, but in the aluminum veneer engineering design, to consider the aluminum veneer construction, the use of the process for the surrounding environment, as much as possible to reduce the aluminum veneer Garbage, harmful gases and sewage discharge, to avoid pollution, destruction of the natural environment.

Second, the consideration of energy saving of the Stretch Ceiling Stretch Ceiling

Through the construction of the cost of the Stretch Ceiling Stretch Ceiling project, the use of functions, construction requirements and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, to achieve resource conservation. In ensuring the project cost reasonable under the premise of minimizing the difficulty of construction, thus saving construction energy consumption.

Third, the consideration of the life of the stretched Stretch Ceiling

Different use of the environment on the requirements of different requirements of the Stretch Ceiling. Only fully consider the use of aluminum veneer environment, select the corresponding design, technology, structure and other methods, will highlight the green products, green, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, etc., to ensure that the overall utilization of aluminum products, , To achieve the best durability and service life.

Fourth, the economic considerations of the stretch Stretch Ceiling products

In the practical application of the stretched Stretch Ceiling, by adding all kinds of energy saving and environmental protection measures, technology and concept in the design of aluminum veneer, at the same time, it is necessary to reduce the cost of the Stretch Ceiling Stretch Ceilings, maintenance and maintenance. The effect of energy saving and environmental protection more and more obvious, so as to win social and economic benefits.

Fifth, the owners need to consider

Green environmental protection is the primary requirement of people's current decoration, so in the design process, the primary problem is the need to ensure the health of the Stretch Ceiling Stretch Ceiling users. In the design process need to use a variety of advanced technology and energy-saving materials, in the specific design work used as much as possible to ensure that the price is reasonable, no bad chemical composition. In the process of designing the stretched Stretch Ceiling, it is necessary to consider all aspects of the design, grasp the key points of design, choose energy-saving and environmental protection construction materials, adopt advanced technology and technology to ensure the overall design level, accelerate the promotion of the Stretch Ceiling Industry sustainable development.

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