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Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires Membrane Pressure Process
Jul 06, 2017

Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires membrane pressure process

One, the Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires the use request of the attachment

Membrane pressure glue is a two-component adhesive, activation temperature was 60 ℃ or so. Storage environment temperature should be at 5 ℃ to 30 ℃, 5 ℃ below flocculant can cause. The drums should not be placed directly on the ground and should be placed on wooden brackets, especially in winter. The membrane pressure adhesive is valid for 6 months from the date of delivery.

The main agent: curing agent = 20:1. When mixing the main agent with the curing agent, the main agent should be kept in a stirring state. The curing agent slowly joins and stirs for at least 3 minutes. The amount of glue produced each time shall be used up within 4 hours. The glue should be tightly covered with glue.

2. The Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires to install the attachment spray process requirements

The spraying sequence is the end face, the front line, the front and the face, the plane part, the spraying can be; The plane of the plane of the end plane should be sprayed twice.

The active time between the main agent and the curing agent is 4-6 hours, the workpiece of the sprayed adhesive should be finished within 4 hours to obtain the best adhesive effect. Otherwise, due to the cross-linking reaction of the adhesive, the activation temperature should be raised, although the adhesion effect of the adhesive is good, but the temperature resistance is obviously reduced, and if the secondary spray will show the adhesive mark on the PVC surface.

After spraying, the surface is white and dry. The dry time is 30 to 50 minutes (depending on the temperature, humidity and glue quality of the environment).

The common fan is 1.5-2.0 meters from the workpiece, and the wet air is blown away to avoid the high humidity of the workpiece to produce the PVC bubbling.

In winter, in order to improve the temperature of the workpiece, can use small insulated building the workpiece heated to 20 to 25 ℃ under the condition of (banned temperature more than 35 ℃, otherwise will produce deformation). Spray adhesive should be not less than 16 ℃ environment in the water machine.

The operator should wear a mask to protect the operator's health.

Third, the wall material stretches the ceiling finished product panel to install the attached membrane compressor silicon film use

According to the features of the workpiece, such as arc value, edge Angle, line width and depth, etc., choose different thickness of silica gel film.

Because of the constant heating and stretching of the silicone membrane, its droop will be increased, and should be installed according to the droop of the silicone membrane to reduce the droop.

In order to prolong the life of the silicone membrane and prevent the quality of the workpiece, the use of the silicone membrane should be changed regularly, such as the front end and the left end.

If the corners of the silicone membrane are made of holes or short cracks, the silicon and film can be repaired. After the repair is pressed with flat weight, dry 24 hours after drying, the repair place is used with 240 # sandpaper.

4. The setting of the attachment process parameters for the finished panel installation of the Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires

The spacing of membrane pressure workpieces: narrow long working pieces with width less than 100mm, and the spacing of workpieces is not less than 80mm; The workpiece with width greater than 100mm is not less than 60mm. The spacing between the workpiece and the table border is not less than 80mm. The longitudinal spacing should be on a straight line to reduce air flow resistance.

Artifacts plate, plate width and length should be smaller than the width and length of workpiece 6-10 mm, on the surface of the plate around the edges should be inverted radius of 3 mm - 5 mm rounded corners, or pour 3 x 45 ℃ Angle, in order to make sure the PVC between the workpiece and the air is pumped completely, achieve the result of PVC edge firmly glued to the workpiece. The thickness of the gasket shall be about 3/4 of the thickness of the workpiece, which is one of the important measures to ensure that PVC is not pulled white.

Set temperature: according to different PVC, Wall Coverings Stretch Ceiling Finished Panels Installation Accessoires the set temperature should be between 130 ℃ to 160 ℃, the temperature of the ordinary PVC (PVC) relative to highlight should be a few taller, highlights the PVC should be lower (to avoid the loss because the temperature was too high light).

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