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What Are The USES Of Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines?
Jul 17, 2017

What are the USES of Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines?

What are the USES of the ceiling equipment manufacturing machine? The unusual product is actually in the life just we didn't notice, so today dauling gypsum machinery co., LTD. Give you a detailed explanation.

The Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines is the special equipment for the production of new decorative materials. The main work processes include:

1, add plaster and water as well as a variety of ingredients, respectively by the automatic measurement, automatic conveying system into a blender, mix into the gypsum slurry, and protective paper on continuous moving forward.

2, at the same time of continuous progress through vibration, spreading a uniform paste, then enter the extrusion molding machine with the protective paper composite, up and down through the paste extrusion completely enveloped by upper and lower protective paper, and squeezed into a continuous slurry form paper face plasterboard.

3, the board in the process of molding line running through the plastic, natural coagulation, automatic cut off has been gradually formed a wet solid gypsum board, such as tensile equipment manufacturing machine wet ceiling board by the SPC system arrangement, by roller, belt conveyor and the flap, fast into the drying chamber.

4, plate in each temperature area under strict control, drying room and into the different temperature of hot air, wet plate water evaporation, starch reaction plate and protective paper glue, drying of gypsum board from the drying room to stand out.

5. Then flip the board and slice (in the face), and cut the plate into the finished plate of a certain size.

6. Finally, the automatic sealing head and automatic stacking shall be transferred to the finished goods warehouse by the forklift truck.

I companies to develop D042500 S075000 Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines series, with high efficiency, high quality, stability, energy saving, security, and many other advantages, is ahead in the Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines industry, the gypsum Stretch Ceiling Equipment Making Machines working principle below to help you solve:

1. The material negotiation level, vertical delivery configuration and transportation of the material in the material warehouse of the batching, and the rigid impeller feeding machine is to be delivered to the belt scale. The excess material will be delivered to the warehouse by means of the delivery of the conveyer and the promotion machine.

2, building gypsum, modified starch, coagulant, glass fiber (production water resistant gypsum board, fireproof gypsum board) after material respectively metering, into the spiral clarifier  miscellaneous after continuous into vertical blender.

3. The foaming agent participates in the storage tank. When used, the foaming agent and moisture are sent to the foaming device respectively by the metering pump, and it is fed into the compressed atmosphere, which produces a stable foam and put it into a vertical mixer.

4. Glue adhesive glue in the tank to put the spray on both sides of the molding station and spray the tape on the sides of the paper. Upper and lower cover paper is transported to the paper shelf by electric hoist.

5. The forming section of the forming section is sent to the forming station via the paper storage machine, tensioning device, engraving device and rectifying device. The gypsum slurry flows from the vertical mixer to the forming paper. The paper machine is formed after the paper machine, tension device, rectifying device and adhesive are sent to the forming station. Molding machine is plate type, thickness can be adjusted.

6, forming machine to collect paper, paper, gypsum slurry under extrusion Chen delimit the thickness of the plate, forming good plasterboard belt by condensing transport belt machine, roller safe according to set the length of the block to block machine, roller by accelerating again into type 1 transverse conveyer, after close roller into the dryer.

7, gypsum board paper drying section by the bridge type distributor according to pace into the dryer of the 12 layer, the drier points 2 area, with hot steam as heat source, hot air gypsum board of slow progress in the dryer at the same time, with longitudinal flow of hot atmosphere on a hot swap, plank absorbing heat, temperature, plank free moisture in slow evaporation, but does not destroy the water of crystallization of dihydrate gypsum.

8. When the drywall of the paper face is out of dryer, its moisture content should be less than 1%. After drying of the drywall, the cooling section of the drying machine is cooled and the plate is made out of the plate in an orderly manner.

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