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XZ Light Wall Panels Can Reduce The Overall Building Load
Dec 12, 2016

X Z light wall panels of the economy is good, wall panels of light weight, thin wall, reducing the overall building load, an increase of occupants of the area. It is estimated that the area of indoor use can be expanded by 3% to 5%; XZ light wall panel has excellent water resistance, light weight wall plate light weight, weight multiple, can also be used without skeleton structure, suitable for all types of industrial buildings , Residential construction, public construction of the non-load-bearing walls. With noise insulation, seismic noise, fire insulation, an area of small, good strength, the advantages of convenient construction. Is the modern decoration preferred building materials. On the advantages of light wall products, mainly: First, the high strength: domestic exclusive development of the most advanced automated wallboard equipment, flat out of the plate with a continuous extrusion method, which greatly enhanced the product of wall strength and resistance Impact, impact (times) ≥ 6 times, far more than the same wall material seismic performance; Second, environmental protection: XZ lightweight wallboard materials for inorganic materials (industrial waste), after use of the environment and human health Harm, is environmentally friendly building materials. 3, fire: fire resistance ≥ 3h, superior fire performance, can be used for firewall applications; Fourth, non-polluting: XZ light wall panels in the production process of environmental pollution, construction site basically no construction waste, dry work, Improve the level of civilized construction. 5, sound insulation: According to the wall thickness and surface treatment in different ways, XZ lightweight wall panels can be soundproof 46-51 dB, to ensure that products can be used for office, commercial, entertainment, residential and other buildings; 6, light: 12cm thickness of the wall panels, weighing only 70 kg / m2 ~ 85kg / m2, compared with the red brick, sand brick, the structural load of about 60%; VII, easy construction: XZ light partition board products as porous, Can be drilled, can be nailed, can be nailed, free to adjust the size, so the water, electricity, such as pipe installation and embedding construction, than all wall panels are convenient; 8, high efficiency: wall flatness high, without plastering , The height can be customized according to the actual construction size, special size can also be cut on the spot, the wall installation and clay solid brick, hollow brick small wet installation compared to the construction schedule can improve the efficiency of more than 20 times, can greatly shorten the construction period, Improve investment efficiency.

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