Customzied Perforated Acoustic Stretch Ceilings Fabric Systems

Item : Performated Stretch ceilings
Thickness: 0.18MM
Width: 1.5 Meters
Length: 100.0 Meters per Roll



Product Description

Foxygen Perforated Stretch ceiling is called acoustic Ceiling with new  micro-perforated features. By living continuous background noise in daily life can cause not only annoyance but also absessive ear-straining to hear yet another noise. Psychologists claim that constant environmental noise can be very destructive for a normal emotional state triggering such conditions as neurasthenia and neurosis. Foxygen Perforated acoustic stretch ceilings technology providing excellent noise absorption properties offers the possibility to save yoruself from the annoying noise at minmum expense . 

Technical Information 

Chemical Composition:  74%PVC ,26% plasticizer
Weight :  240-320g/M2 
Afford Weight :  195kg/square meter
Translucent rate:  75%(translucent film), 25-30%(lacquer film), 35-40%  (matte film), 10-25%(suede film)
Maximum tensile strength:  Up to 17 Mpa
Ultimate tensile strength:  30 N (both lengthwise and edgewise)
Maximum ambient temperature: -30 ° to +65 °
Light absorption coefficient:  30 percent (film canvaseswith mirror effect) to 95 percent (webbed canvases)
Shore hardness number:  41±2
Fire-proof standard: Level B
Anti-bacterium: Yes, ( GB1741-1989)
Broken Tensile: 262%
Quality Guarantee :  15  years quality guarantee 

New Type of perforated film _副本.jpg

Perforated Film_副本.jpg

Quality Guarantee

We Provide 10 years quality guarantee for our products .

Our Technology Advantage 

R&D center, QC team and professional machinists we surpass competitors with superior product and highly stability quality.

Our Delivery Advantage

Lead times 2-5 days quicker than the industry average due to more flexible machine process controls.

Our Price Advantage

5-10% cheaper than industry average stemming from an excellent and efficient management system.


Stretch  ceiling  is wide used   widely used by decorators , interior designers,  construction contractors, architects, which is rapidly applied to anywhere . Such as : 

Renovation, reconstruction , new buildings

Houses , apartments,

Service sector like hotels, restaurants, offices, hospitals, store construction, Exhibition halls, trade shows .

from residential dwellings to large sports or entertainment venues and public malls.

Damp or caloric rooms like bathrooms and swimming pools

Through years' development, FOXYGEN is known as one of the world's leading PVC Foil For Stretch Ceiling manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you're interested in our customzied perforated acoustic stretch ceilings fabric systems, welcome to buy the quality products in bulk from our factory. We also support customized service. Feel free to enjoy our cheap price and good service.


Foxygen is fully commiteed to optimal customer satisfaction by Via optimal customer of internal and external communication, fueling continuous improvement.
Our Vision is to be our industry's world-wide leader-and we're well on our way !
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